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Thingie.. ^_^;

Rising from the ashes, I'm back again! Midterms are done with, papers are written, and other projects I no longer remember have been done. Next up: finals and all that stuff, follow by the holidays. Yes. BUT! I'm here, alive, and updating. Pretty cool, isn't it?

This month marks the sixth year of Moonlit Nights, on November 9th to be exact. It's really hard to believe it's come this far, actually. A small fanfiction archive made to house some stories I couldn't get placed up elsewhere and to spread out some more support for under-represented couples has really grown over the years. Most of all, though, I'd want to thank all those who have come to and contributed their time and energies to Moonlit Nights over the years. If anything, I can hope that I've at least provided something for the visitors, as I know I've gained alot from doing this over all these years!

We have 5 new stories this time, four of them Tomoyo and Sakura and one ChibiUsa and Hotaru. The ChibiUsa and Hotaru one is the final chapter in "Ra's Daughters" by Moonpower02, along with "Find Out The One You Love", "Home", and "Is It Real Or Just All In My Mind?" by Radar and "Kiss From A Rose" by a new author, Siobhan Pettit. As per usual, all are rather well written, so check them out as soon as you can!

As always, thanks for stopping by Moonlit Nights, and be sure to check back again soon! If you ever need to get in touch with me, find my details on the "Staff" page. See you again soon!