Welcome to the page that Moonlit Nights was started around: an archive of stories dedicated to ChibiUsa and Hotaru (from the manga/anime of "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon"). As in the other sections, at times there may be a story or so that doesn't exactly fall completely into the catergory of the characters. These stories are here because it was felt that they not only met the standards, but they applied to the same basic theme. Just thought I'd mention that ahead of time.

!H! = Hentai

= New

ChibiUsa and Hotaru
Tomoyo and Sakura

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Alabaster Rubies Adria Lynne Tondreault
Untitled Amara
!H!Aishiteru ChibiUsa Amazoness Duo
!H!A Beach Story Amazoness Duo
Amazoness Duo's Story List Amazoness Duo
!H!Behind The Scenes Amazoness Duo
!H!Choices Amazoness Duo and Aimie

Eye Of The Beholder Prologue Amazoness Duo
Eye Of The Beholder Part One Amazoness Duo
Eye Of The Beholder Part Two Amazoness Duo
Eye Of The Beholder Part Three Amazoness Duo
Eye Of The Beholder Part Four Amazoness Duo

Family Ties Amazoness Duo
Farewell Amazoness Duo
!H!Finally Free Amazoness Duo
IllusionsPart 3 To Moonlit Nights. Amazoness Duo
!H!I Love You Hotaru Amazoness Duo
Killing Me Softly Amazoness Duo
Kryptonite Amazoness Duo
Lovers And Dreamers Amazoness Duo
Melodies Of Life Amazoness Duo
!H!Missed Chances Amazoness Duo
Moonlit Nights Amazoness Duo
!H!Moonlit Nights 2 Amazoness Duo
Premise Amazoness Duo
!H!Revelations Amazoness Duo
!H!Secret Of The Sexy Slippers: Part 3 Amazoness Duo
Shattered Mirror Amazoness Duo
Sudden Glimpse Amazoness Duo
!H!Tears And Rain Amazoness Duo
!H!'Twas The Night Before Christmas Amazoness Duo

ChibiUsa No Pyua Na Kokoro Andrea Doolan
ChibiUsa No Pyua Na Kokoro 2 Andrea Doolan
Chibiusa No Pyua Na Kokoro 3 Andrea Doolan
ChibiUsa No Pyua Na Kokoro 4 Andrea Doolan
!H!ChibiUsa No Pyua Na Kokoro 5 Andrea Doolan

Musings At The Door Of Sleep Berk Watkins
The Biggest Choice Of My Life Blue Esper
Letting Go Dreiser
What My Heart Knows Forever3330
Complicated Forever3330
Letters From Desolation Row Ghost of 'lectricity

!H!Hotaru's Pain Ghost of 'lectricity
!H!Hotaru's Pain 2 Ghost of 'lectricity
!H!Hotaru's Pain 3 Ghost of 'lectricity

!H!A Story Of Friendship And Curiosity Ghost of 'lectricity
The Taste Of Blood Ghost of 'lectricity
Until We Meet Again Hotaru/Amber
!H!Hot Chocolate Hotaru-Angel
!H!Innocent No More Ice_Fyre03
!H!No Title Lady Dreamer
!H!Hotaru's Secret Lanis01
My Odango Michiruka
Everlasting Love Minako Star
!H!The New Moon's Decision Miss ParaPara
!H!The Shower Miss ParaPara
Silent Star MoonbeamDancer
The Dark Rainbow Crystals Moonpower02
The Dark Rainbow Crystals Chapter 2 Moonpower02
Sunrise Obscure Sapphire
Dreams That Won't Disappear When I Open My Eyes: Prelude Princess
Dreams That Won't Disappear When I Open My Eyes: Part 1 Princess
!H!The Depths Of Her Eyes Psychokittensenshi611
!H!Growing Up Psychokittensenshi611
!H!Lovers Of The Past Psychokittensenshi611
Summer Breeze Psychokittensenshi611
Water Runs Dry Psychokittensenshi611
!H!Water Runs Dry 2 Psychokittensenshi611
!H!Vacation ReiHime
You've Got A Friend Sailor Aphrodite/Rami
!H!Sunset Magic Sailor Scorpio
It Must Have Been Fate Sara Jaye
And Yet By Heaven Saturn Knight

Toujour Saturn Knight
Toujour 2 Saturn Knight
Toujour 3 Saturn Knight
Toujour 4 Saturn Knight
Toujour 5 Saturn Knight
Toujour 6 Saturn Knight

Star Crossed Saturn Knight
!H!Secret Love Sumire
Love Is Worth The Pain Traveler
!H!Relax At The Dojo Unknown
!H!High Heel Shoes Unknown
Teenage Life Unknown
I Will Always Be There For You YaRassno
Thunderstorm YaRassno
Hotaru's Birthday Victor?
!H!Destiny's Plans Yohann DeSabrais
!H!My Private Teacher Yohann DeSabrais